1500w - Specialized RockHopper 29r

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1500w - Specialized RockHopper 29r

Post by TexasElectric » Jul 22 2017 1:14am

Thinking about building an eBike? (Well, I did!)

I recently completed building my first eBike. The biggest question I had going into the build was how big of a motor do I want/need. I had no idea how much torque or top speed I would be able to get out of the various motors on the market. I watched countless YouTube videos where people did comparisons and I decided to buy a 1500w motor. To my [pleasant] surprise, it has plenty of power. It’s very responsive and quick.

I made a short YouTube video of the first test ride: https://youtu.be/JGDQzF3B3-E

I made a short YouTube video 'trying' to show just how fast a 1500w eBike is: https://youtu.be/rB6wBlbqgOo

As seen in the video, the bike has no problem reaching and maintaining 30-33mph. It will go faster (ie. top speed), but I don't push it too hard because I want it to last me a long time.

A quick rundown on the eBike specs:
eBike weight: 80lbs
eBike weight (with myself and tools): 235lbs
Battery size: 48v 27.5ah LiFePo4, (approx 1.4kw when fully charged)
Total cost to build: $1,800


I'll do a post soon on the entire construction process! (Stay tuned)

Ask me anything!

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Re: 1500w - Specialized RockHopper 29r

Post by bchaney » Aug 27 2017 2:58am

Nice man, that's a big battery, you can probably go a long way between recharges. Where are you in Texas? I used to live in Richardson - there are a lot of great bike paths in that city.

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