EEB frame 3kw build.

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EEB frame 3kw build.

Post by TheJay » Oct 07 2017 4:10pm

After a month of waiting for parts to arrive and two days of assembling, my bike is finally ready and works like a charm. Turns heads everywhere i go and makes my everyday travelling so much faster compared to public transportation even when limited to 1000w and 25km/h. 16 ah 18s lipo has huge range and is bulk charged. I am planning to balance batteries every week and monitor them closely to avoid any possible problems. Insuranse costs are ~60€/year. Of course when riding away from busy places the settings are easy to tweak on the fly :wink:

My biggest suprise has been that cheap hallomotor 1500w hub motor from my previous bike has been throught some serious abuse and still works. Only modifications made are thicker phase wires and ferrofluid. Lets see how it keeps going in the future. Bit over 3000w gets bike with 26" wheels going 70km/h which is fast enough for me. Qs205 and some huge ass controller are tempting, but i have managed to resist ordering those. Yet. Maybe next summer... :roll:
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Re: EEB frame 3kw build.

Post by sabongi » Oct 07 2017 5:20pm

Awesome! Can you show us the battery pack you built?

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Re: EEB frame 3kw build.

Post by Infinite Range » May 05 2018 12:33am

Do you Ride that with a license plate?

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