2006 Schwinn Manta Ray

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2006 Schwinn Manta Ray

Post by whatparthurts » Dec 09 2017 4:26pm

I built it one piece at a time with the help of the good folks here on this site. I started with an 2006 Schwinn Manta Ray, Added a genuine schwinn OCC electric hub motor, Added the 3 speed stuff, disk brakes and other odds & ends and now its running great

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Re: 2006 Schwinn Manta Ray

Post by The fingers » Dec 10 2017 7:22am

Every 60s kids fantasy bike. 8)
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Re: 2006 Schwinn Manta Ray

Post by bchaney » Dec 28 2017 1:28pm

Wow cool bike. And it can haul a Big Gulp!

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