Around the world on a solar ebike

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Re: Around the world on a solar ebike

Post by Paulfin » Dec 25 2020 11:45pm

Thank you Chalo and solarEbike! I was really hoping to not need to constantly swap batteries, and now I see that I won't need to. I'll also look into how I might connect them in series. Any thoughts on good reading for how to do that would be great. I so appreciate the generosity of this group.

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Re: Around the world on a solar ebike

Post by solarEbike » Dec 25 2020 11:54pm

As long as this thread is getting bumped to the top, allow me to throw in a YouTube video recommendation. Light Speed is a new documentary about last year's World Solar Challenge in Australia. These solar race cars were the inspiration for my project back in 2006. I thought "sure, these cars have big teams and huge budgets but I bet a lot of what they're doing can be scaled to bicycle size and speed."

Since then, I have met a couple of the teams, got to drive one of the retired cars (at low speed in the parking lot at Google headquarters) and even had custom solar modules assembled and encapsulated for my bike by SunCat Solar, the same company that made the panels for several of the teams in this video series. There are 6 episodes. The first two are free, the rest require a YouTube Premium subscription. I signed up for the 30 day free trial. Totally worth it if available where you live. Don't start watching the first episode at midnight like I did or you may find yourself binge-watching the whole series.

PS: If you only watch car races for the crashes and fireballs explosions, you won't be disappointed.
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