1st Project - Micargi Fattire cruiser

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1st Project - Micargi Fattire cruiser

Post by BuzzardsLuck » Jun 22 2018 9:52pm

My first project, be kind! :) No pedals. Didn't want em.

Micargi Seattle stretch cruiser oversized steel frame (ordered raw)
Frame was powdercoated gloss black
Crystalite Crown MTC4080R motor (2000+w cont) w/ Hall sensors, thermistor, dual torque arms
40amp (120 max phase amps) 72v Grinfineon sinewave controller w/ Cycle Analyst v3
Custom battery plate & hold-downs I drew and got from eMachineShop
Regenerative rear e-brake, full twist throttle
Front Shimano 203mm hydraulic disc brake, caliper, lever
Mongoose 4x26.0 tubes w/Kenda Juggernaut 4x26.0 tires
Middle frame piece wrapped in brushed aluminum color
Triple tree chrome front fork, 1-⅛ threadless steer tube, w/ Origin8 headset
Oversized comfort seat by Bikeroo, Fomotor seat post, chrome seat post clamp
20s 30ah battery (4s6p) 24x GensAce 5s 5000mah batteries
Front LED push-button headlight, rear LED push-button taillight
Ward Hi-Rise Cruiser chrome handlebars w/ Canucc stem, cell phone holder
Custom foot rests w/ anti-slip applique

I was originally gonna build a Goped, but decided I wanted something a little bigger. Spent along time looking at bicycle frames, and fell in love with the Micargi Seattle frame. Bought it raw from eBay and started making measurements. I already had 16 of the batteries above for the Goped project, so I decided to buy 8 more so I could make a pack for this one. Never built a bike before, learned alot. Hoping to sell this one and build another one!

Pics without batteries, before I changed handlebars and seat. Handlebars I got originally were 1" instead of 7/8 (I honestly didn't know motorcycle handlebars were bigger than bicycles). Seat was a nice Brooks England, but I decided it needed something more substantial (for my substantial rear end!)
20180609_195908.jpg (190.57 KiB) Viewed 515 times
20180609_200130.jpg (190.17 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Batteries and controller installed. I'll probably go lifepo and Kelly KLS-S on the next build though.
Batteriesinstalled.jpg (216.12 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Cheap headlight. Will definitely need something better if I'm riding in the dark much. I think the installation "kit" (that didn't fit my triple tree which was too wide) was twice as much as the light :/
cheapheadlight.jpg (60.27 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Dashboard if you will. CA and cell phone holder.
dashboard.jpg (158.12 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Footpegs up close. Just 3/4" aluminum tubes with anti-slip traction tape applied. Gonna remove these and put on some bolt-on motorcycle type pegs next week. Will be attaching those underneath the battery plate just below where crankset would go.
footpegs.jpg (203.93 KiB) Viewed 515 times
New handlebars installed.
newhandlebars.jpg (62.62 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Safety second. Beer first, safety second.
safetysecond.jpg (132.53 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Cheap side view mirrors, but I thought they added alot to the look.
sideviewmirros.jpg (156.85 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Taillight, seatpost, seat clamp, saddle. Hacksawed the seatpost to max low. Taillight since moved offset closer to the rear (so the tire doesn't block it). Took me three seat posts to figure out my size (its an uncommon 28.6 and took me a bit to figure out for some reason).
taillight.jpg (146.75 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Final product pics!
end1.jpg (237.84 KiB) Viewed 515 times
end2.jpg (187.75 KiB) Viewed 515 times
Thanks for looking! If anyone has any questions about anything I did or want some up close pics let me know.

- Buzzard's Luck. Can't kill nothin', and nothin' won't die.

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Re: 1st Project - Micargi Fattire cruiser

Post by JimmyJazz » Jul 22 2018 5:28pm

Beautiful bike, but man she needs a battery box. :lol:

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Re: 1st Project - Micargi Fattire cruiser

Post by wturber » Jul 22 2018 7:24pm

JimmyJazz wrote:
Jul 22 2018 5:28pm
Beautiful bike, but man she needs a battery box. :lol:
This style bike is not my thing - especially with no pedals. That said, for this kind of bike I think you should place the tail light on one of the ends of the seatstays - sidemount style. Just one on one side (left?). Not two. This was a common method for many choppers. They often integrated a license plate holder with the tail light - something you may need to do since this looks like something that may "need" registration in order to be street legal.

Anyway, you look like you are well on your way to creating a nice looking bike in this style.

I may have to get one of those horns for my bike...
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Re: 1st Project - Micargi Fattire cruiser

Post by aroundqube » Jul 22 2018 10:07pm

This reflector / tail light combo https://ridepdw.com/collections/tail-li ... 4753649601# and this mount for the stay https://ridepdw.com/collections/tail-li ... 4830262657# works well on my stretch. It is a very good light.

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