First ride on my 20"/26" Cyclefab eCycleTruck

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First ride on my 20"/26" Cyclefab eCycleTruck

Post by Andrew_Squirrel » Jul 13 2018 6:07pm

Yesterday I finished up retrofitting my Cyclefab CycleTruck (originally a Kona Smoke) with a Grin Tech 20" geared motor, Phaserunner, CycleAnalyst, Sempu Torque Sensing Bottom Bracket & 846WH Li-ion Battery.

Works great so far and handles better than expected at 20mph which it rarely reached with just my legs providing power.

The front end geometry is low-trail and optimized for large front loads. Having the front load decoupled from the steering also reduces the chances of wheel flop. I was a little worried that adding an electric motor would lead to instability but it did great on the first ride with no speed wobbles.

This is my first post on Endless Sphere, thanks for taking a look. I look forward to learning more about eBikes and tweaking my Cycleanalyst.

Here is a full photo album of the eCycletruck build: ... 5740591672
Here is my original photo album of the bike before conversion: ... 0605454332


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Re: First ride on my 20"/26" Cyclefab eCycleTruck

Post by kevinscargobike » Aug 21 2018 3:59pm

Great bike!

I have almost the same setup, x2, just with Mac motors - I started out by trying it on my wife's old Boda Boda, and loved it so much that when I bought my Cetma, rather than move the parts over from that bike we decided to keep that bike as is and I bought all new stuff for my new bike.

Did you go with the speed or torque winding? I liked that the Boda could go 28mph with the Mac 10t (equiv to 250rpm eZee), not for regular use, but just those times when the infrastructure has failed and it's either go fast or get on the I went for the faster winding in the 20" front wheel on my Cetma that would provide the same top speed, but I think on hills I'm really noticing that I have less torque.

Also, way to go on the color scheme. Was the white paint accidental, or is that art?

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