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Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Dec 20 2019 3:47pm
by Lenk42602
Got rid of the GNG. Controller was clumsy, app did not work. Too much power for a bicycle chain.

Wanted to sell everything to force pedal only transport in preparation for my continental divide ride, but that has been pushed back a bit. Company HQ is relocating in the near future from 5 miles away to 13 miles away. This is a classic use case for an ebike, as I will be able to get to work much faster than driving. Looking forward to actually using an ebike for practical purposes.

Might ditch the suspension fork and but a rigid jobbie on it. will be loading the bike up with the same bike packing luggage for the continental divide trip to field test the gear I plan on using.

Bought a BBSHD with a 42t Lekkie ring, installed it last night. going to attempt to commute with this during foul weather, and it will PAS only. Running the eggrider - its a nice discreet little unit, app functions very well.

I've placed an EM3ev battery bag as a cover over the battery and will be inserting a few 5v heating elements inside. trying to avoid voltage sag in sub zero temps.
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Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Dec 30 2019 2:32pm
by Skaiwerd
We’re you using 7- 9 speed chain? Can’t tell by the pictures what size your cassette is. I’ve had good luck so far with 9 speed chaIns and cassettes. Cyclone 3000 that does a steady 2800w continuous. I have bent over the large size gear on a 9 speed cassette before though.

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Dec 30 2019 6:06pm
by Lenk42602
this is an 11 speed set up. cheap gx (i think) 11 speed cassette, no spider that holds the inner and middle three cogs together.

Planning on taking it easy on the drivetrain, we will see how it holds up. Rummaged around for a waterproof bush button throttle, have two different versions I plan to wire up at work on thursday.

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Dec 30 2019 8:26pm
by Lenk42602
here's the waterproof BOOST button. ... dium=Email

and Housing ... dium=Email

on the bike:
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Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Jan 09 2020 5:15pm
by Lenk42602
completely fendered up and ready for service.
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