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27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Oct 19 2018 7:00pm
by Lenk42602
Haven't put a build thread up in a while.

Targeted goals:
2kw power ,
Battery pack 40a continuous capable
26 miles range minimum,
Total bike weight(including batteries) of 65 pounds max.
Completely water/weather proof
Multi surface/condition capable
Feels like a bicycle

Was looking at purchasing a turn key mid drive bike but the Power Output/$ just didnt make any sense. Bike's assembled and waiting on brakes. Fabbed the battery mounts. Battery is en route. I'll be fabbing a steel enclosure for it.

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Oct 31 2018 7:13pm
by Lenk42602
Bike's completely built. Brakes and shifter all set up, probably ride to work a few times to get the bicycle bits sorted. Weighs in a 30.5 pounds as pictured with pedals, 2.8 tires, thru axles, and the main triangle brackets attached for mounting the battery enclosure.
here's a shot of one of the brackets - its 3/32 steel that clamps around the tube, 3/16 tabs welded to it that will receive the battery enclosure. Using ABA hose clamps to draw up the brackets against the tubing.
viva la hose clamps! circa 2007..... coming full circle...
brick shit house.png
brick shit house.png (259.61 KiB) Viewed 1026 times
battery should be here before the drive system. next up is documenting the battery enclosure.

Just wanted to add, really thought hard about buying a nice specialized or BH Easy Motion type pedelec - although those bikes are extremely well integrated from a design perspective, they just lack the oomph/dollar i need to stay interested in an ebike... Interested to see how the battery and drive unit for this project will compare.

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Nov 10 2018 5:06pm
by Lenk42602
Started tacking up the enclosure this morning. Using 1/2 square and 1/2 round tube. found some gussets in my scrap pile left over from a different project I''ll be using for holding the battery pack securely.

em3evpack enclosure 1.jpg
em3evpack enclosure 2.jpg
em3evpack enclosure 3.jpg
Ran out of mig gas, so I will probably get back to it monday

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Nov 11 2018 6:20pm
by Lenk42602
Got Gas! moving forward..
em3evpack enclosure 4.jpg
em3evpack enclosure 5.jpg
em3evpack enclosure 6.jpg
em3evpack enclosure 7.jpg

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Nov 12 2018 1:54pm
by Lenk42602
more accomplished. Next are the side corner gussets to secure the battery. then receiving mounts for the frame brackets. Then clean it up and send it to PC.
em3evpack enclosure 8.jpg
em3evpack enclosure 9.jpg
em3evpack enclosure 10.jpg

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Nov 16 2018 6:02pm
by Lenk42602
corner gussets made. cleaned up battery frame. need to drill and tap for corner plate m5 attachment screws.
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Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Nov 18 2018 7:01pm
by Lenk42602
only thing left is drill and tap corner plate m5 attachment screws, powder coat. got it all together today. Should be lining up well with arrival of the X1 kit.
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Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Nov 19 2018 6:27pm
by Lenk42602
heading to powder coat wednesday. should see it back next monday/tuesday

KIMG0489.jpg (81.13 KiB) Viewed 635 times

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Dec 01 2018 4:22pm
by Lenk42602
Battery enclosure all finished. As pictured 46 pounds. Should have a sub 60 pound machine!
Now the wait is on for the GNG X1 Pro!

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Dec 11 2018 10:22am
by ichiban
It is a nice and sturdy battery compartment build !
And what size is your EM3EV battery ? ...S...P ?

Have not seen any motor you are using with your kit. Hub or mid-drive ?

My 27.5 hardtail does not have a big triangle space like yours, so the 14s7p pack is needed to be squeezed into that tight space with dense plastic cell holders. Airflow might not be perfect.

Re: 27.5 plus mid drive

Posted: Dec 11 2018 9:35pm
by Lenk42602

i'm planning on using a mid drive from Cyc Motor Ltd.

GNG x1 Pro. Its on order and they are not quite yet ready to ship the first production units out.

Pack is 14s 6p from EM3EV. Samsung 30q cells

Should be a nice balance between power/weight.