g wizz 48v replacement

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g wizz 48v replacement

Postby tonyinvent » Thu Feb 16, 2017 5:27 pm

Hello all,
Just wondered if anyone could help me with my g wizz i 48v electric car.
At the moment it has 8 , 6v trojan battery's. giving it the 48v s.
I have 4, 12 v, deep agm battery's which will also give me my 48v s.

Here is question,
Can i replace the 8, 6v s with the 4, 12v s without adjusting the bms which has 8 wires and looking for 8, 6 v ?

Can i just,, NOT connect 8 wires and allow 48v charger to fill new 48v bank and not look for 8 separate 6v battery's to balance.?

All help greatly appreciated.
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