Sw900 question

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11spokes   100 mW

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Sw900 question

Post by 11spokes » Jun 20 2018 7:40am

Sw900 display, i don’t get it, how does this lcd display pick up speed sensing and odometer. Anyone with experience with this
LCD can you please help?

markz   100 GW

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Re: Sw900 question

Post by markz » Jun 20 2018 10:12pm

You talking about this one
https://www.ebikeling.com/ebikeling-sw9 ... splay.html
Probably very similar to the KT Display I had, but TBH I cant remember much of setting that up. I just used the printed off manual.

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Re: Sw900 question

Post by docw009 » Jun 21 2018 12:45pm

I have one. With a geared motor, it only works when motor is powered up. Must use hall sensors to get speed, and they don't detect when coasting with geared motor. Probably works with direct drive motor.

Vendor could not tell me if the LCD or if his controller has a external speed sensor input. The latter should, but haven't found it.

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