Kia Seed Car

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Kia Seed Car

Post by LockH » Jan 12 2019 7:34am

CES 2019: Kia Seed Car concept is a zero-emission personal mobility solution for pedal lovers: ... al-lovers/


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Re: Kia Seed Car

Post by cheapcookie » Jan 12 2019 5:40pm

Very cool :bigthumb:
I bet they have a fairing for it too

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Re: Kia Seed Car

Post by markz » Jan 12 2019 9:25pm

What about compartment safety?

I would buy that because its so light, but I'd worry about safety with other vehicles on the road, plus I wouldnt want a vehicle that looked too odd, rather have something that blended in nicely.

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Re: Kia Seed Car

Post by amberwolf » Jan 12 2019 11:15pm

Maybe if they actually came out with this, they would get everyone to allow four-wheeled bicycles (presently two or three wheels in contact with the ground is the most common thing included in legal definitions of whether things are bicycles or not, at least in the USA).

I'd love to be able to build the next "SB Cruiser" as a quadcycle instead of just a trike--it could take corners quicker / harder when necessary (not often, but sometimes) and it could carry more stuff, in a better way.

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