Microprocessor controlled throttle thru KLS96601-8080H

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Microprocessor controlled throttle thru KLS96601-8080H

Post by brianmwebb » Jan 14 2020 3:50am

Looking for help on driving a hub motor via a Kelly KLS96601-8080H controller using a micro processor like an Arduino or an ESP32
Perhaps emulating the throttle pot input using 0-5v?

Has anybosy already done this, would appreciate some guidance

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Re: Microprocessor controlled throttle thru KLS96601-8080H

Post by amberwolf » Jan 15 2020 1:48am

it's been done with various controllers over the years here on es and elsewhere, though i don't have any links to the posts. they can probably be found in searches for terms like

arduino throttle


mcu throttle

etc, but i haven't looked.

you can find out what type of throttle your controller requires, and it's voltage or resistance range, from the manufacturer's website.

some of them are programmable, so you can change these if you have the cable and software, but again, that's something you'd need to check with the manufacturer about.

if the controller you're using uses a voltage controlled throttle, like most, then you just have to emulate whatever range of voltage it requires. for pot throttles that's typically 0-5v, for hall throttles that typically around a volt to around 4v; you'd have to check teh controller's specs (or settings) to be sure, or simply determine it experimentally.

if it requires a resistance range, it's more complicated, but maxim has a votlage-to-resistance converter appnote using their voltage-controlled-resistor chips.

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