Sevcon Gen 4 Programing

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Sevcon Gen 4 Programing

Post by Electrictractorman » May 03 2019 5:21pm

Hello fellow EV enthusiasts,

I am new to the EV game, and I have been given a Sevcon gen 4 motor controller and an ME 1004 electric motor. I have the Sevcon DVT software on my PC and I have spent a good amount of time trying to get my motors running well. I found the application note on the internet that is wonderful. Once I get the motors programmed, I hope to make a similar note for my specific application.

I am having some problems and I hoped someone still knew how to run sevcons, seeing as I am behind the curve. I have heard rumors that sevcons customer service was immaculate, but borg warrner has proven to be bootless.

The current problems I’m facing are:

1. When I send a torque demand over a can bus, (or through DVT) the electric motors seem to need a kickstart. After they get spinning, they are good to go until they come to a stop again.
2. When I send a torque value, the motors seem to go through a routine loop, where they accelerate until they find their loop. Then they reach some arbitrary speed, and then, if desired torque is found, they are happy, if not found, they go back to zero. The problem is, it seems to do the whole routine for every message it sees. And if a new torque is sent before the routine is over, it is ignored.

A friend suggested we send a throttle, which I am currently diving into. If this fixed my problem or not, updates will come. And if anyone has any insight, please reach out. Thank you in advanced.

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Re: Sevcon Gen 4 Programing

Post by cricketo » Jul 20 2019 9:28pm

I'm a bit confused... I have two ME1004 motors, they're permanent magnet brush DC motors... how are you setting up Sevcon Gen 4 intended for 3 phase AC motors with such motor ?

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Re: Sevcon Gen 4 Programing

Post by flat tire » Jul 31 2019 5:45pm

Sevcon has DC controllers in gen4.

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