ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

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ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

Post by spinningmagnets » Sep 02 2020 8:34pm

It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our friend, Jackson Edwards. ... wards-rip/

Here is his electric bike, that he posted in Aug of 2010, when he was just 17

Here is his electric super-Motard motorcycle racer when he was 25

Here is the electric airplane he built

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Re: ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

Post by Pat Eaton » Sep 02 2020 10:33pm

Sad news. Too young, my thoughts are with his family and freinds.

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Re: ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

Post by MattyCiii » Sep 03 2020 8:38pm

Sad news. Peace.
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Re: ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

Post by liveforphysics » Sep 06 2020 9:48pm

His brilliance empowered me and others to dream bigger in the challenges we tackled.

He taught me so much, and he accomplished so much in his life. We should all hope to achieve as much! We love you and miss you Jackson, and your legacy and legend lives on!

He was blessed to have such a fantastic family he didn't want to leave behind, the last week was heartbreaking and beautiful spending time with them.

Come to his family gathering amd celebration of life Sept 12th in Bend Oregon if you have kindness to show and you're able.
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Re: ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

Post by The Toecutter » Sep 14 2020 9:54pm

He had a lot to offer the world. It is unfortunate that this happened.

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Re: ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

Post by Jamzz » Sep 28 2020 1:25am

Sad to read this news. I remember reading his posts with great admiration many years ago. Real legend.

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Re: ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

Post by markz » Sep 29 2020 4:24pm

kcuf   100 W

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Re: ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

Post by kcuf » Sep 29 2020 5:01pm

had pleasure of meeting Jackson

brilliant mind and humble heart

will be greatly missed
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Re: ES member "Farfle", RIP at 27

Post by aCeMadMod » Nov 05 2020 1:27am

i whiss them well my if medical dose not change fast ' 5 yaers "

i join him he we younger then me r.i.p :shock:

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