The BEST connectors, period

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Re: The BEST connectors, period

Post by Smoke » May 27 2020 12:14am

Compared to an XT90, yes but if you can't fit a connector the size of a Speakon, connector quality probably isn't your biggest issue.
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Re: The BEST connectors, period

Post by ddk » May 27 2020 2:45pm

markz wrote:
May 26 2020 7:45pm
Arent they a tad bulky?
about the same size as an XLR with the chassis mount exactly the same size.

What's known in the industry as a size "D" the chassis mount supports any number of different connectors!

see: for the gory details :pancake:

...and the NL4 is a dam site easier to plug/unplug compared to a that other suggested connector
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Re: The BEST connectors, period

Post by Bullfrog » Dec 25 2020 10:42am

If there is a better thread that discusses what I am posting below, please point me to it and I'll take my discussion there, Thanks.

Speaking of connectors...I have a related question. I am a huge MAC fan but I am getting lazy in my old age and I want to build a very simple ebike that uses a DD Hub Motor that has a single connector like the "L1019" or something else if there is a better choice. I am all ears if anybody has a better recommendation :) . Only reason I mention the L1019 is because Grin Tech is now using that connector for what they call their "high powered" motor kits. "HIgh" or "Low" is all relative just quoting what Grin Tech says :wink: . IMO it doesn't get much simpler than a DD motor and I figure one connector with multiple pins will just add to the simplicity. One of the reasons I want a single connector is so I can easily disconnect the motor and remove the rear wheel to fix a flat (change tubes) and/or change tires. I definitely want a Rear, Direct Drive Hub Motor, and I plan to run a 14s/52v battery.

Several question I hope you guys can help me with...please :D :

A. What motors are available that come with the L1019 connector already installed on the motor? Remember I am lazy and I don't want to break out the soldering gun, solder, shrink wrap, etc. and start swapping connectors :lol: . Only thing I have been able to find is several of the Grin Tech motors.

B. Is there a better choice than the L1019 connector on the motor AND is there a motor that comes with the connector you are recommending already installed on it?

C. What is the maximum battery amperage I can run continuously and safely with the L1019 connector? This site says 45A and I assume they are talking about battery amperage: ... 1000/DK99K


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Re: The BEST connectors, period

Post by amberwolf » Dec 25 2020 4:45pm

Since the connector won't be handling battery current, but rather phase current, there isn't a way for us to tell you what battery current it can handle. Because phase current vs battery current varies depending on the motor speed vs it's load, and other factors like which specific controller is being used, and exactly what it's settings are, and which motor is being used, you can only really rate a motor phase connector for how much phase current it will handle, not battery current.

The Grin Tech page doesn't list it's maximum *continous* phase current capability, but it does say this for the peak:
This connector has much larger phase pins than the Z910 and is available in up to 4mm^2 thick phase wire (slightly larger than 12 gauge) which has shown to be reliable for up to 100A currents for short times.
I don't know what motors other than Grin Tech stuff that already come with it on there.

As for "better" connectors, it depends on your specific needs.
Do you need waterproof?
Simple disconnect, or more secure?
How many wires do you need in total? (three phase, plus how many signals? 5 hall any thermal or speed sensors? Etc?)
What gauge wires do you need it to handle?
What currents do you need the contacts to handle?
Connector cost budget?
Connector size limitations? (does the connector have to pass thru anything? Do you have to be able to get the axle nut off of the cable? etc).

Keep in mind that generally the "better" connectors I can think of are not going to come already installed on anything, and would require you to crimp the pins on each wire yourself and insert them into the connector shell, which you probably don't want to do.
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Re: The BEST connectors, period

Post by Bullfrog » Dec 25 2020 6:10pm

Thanks Amberwolf.

By "Better", I only mean amperage carrying capability for this discussion :D .

I agree on all your comments about phase amperage. "Continuous amperage" would have been a better way for me to phrase my question :lol: . This site rates the L1019 at 45A: ... 1000/DK99K and IMO that is a constant amperage where Grin's statement is obviously phase amperage.

Are you (or is anyone) aware of a Direct Drive Hub Motor that comes with the L1019 connector installed on the motor other than the Grin Tech RH/FH212 and DD45?

Are there readily available ebike motors and an associated controller that come with one multi pin connector to carry data and the phase amperage that have a higher amperage carrying capability than the L1019?

What I am trying to accomplish is to build a bike with a rear direct drive hub motor and I want to be able to remove the rear wheel by only disconnecting a single (multi pin) connector, the two axle nuts, and a torque arm...but I also want to be able to run as much phase amperage as practicable with the single (multi pin) connector. I readily admit I have no idea what exists regarding the possibilities right now and I just need somebody with more experience than I have to give me some ideas. And I want to buy the motor with the connector already installed on the motor.

Thank You

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Re: The BEST connectors, period

Post by john61ct » Dec 25 2020 6:25pm

Choose the right motor

add your choice of connector yourself.

What you're suggesting is choosing a car by the PO's bumper stickers

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