Noob, so noob post, sorry (moved from battery section)

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Noob, so noob post, sorry (moved from battery section)

Post by SpeKterDesigns » May 11 2017 6:05pm

This is my first time posting on the forum to share some projects I want to get through and get advice and maybe even someone who is interested in going through the projects together. People may ask why arent you asking advice to learn to do this yourself and generally I dont have a lot of gear, have had a gradually deteriorating disability that stopped me working on 15 years ago now that is 3-4 muscular skeletal conditions one of which is Neuralgia (chronic pain) so even if I could escape my foggy brain to learn, doing is an issue Im afraid and so several of these idea's came about from self need and people may determine that "Hey, this project or like had happened here"

I actually did some electrical and electronics as part of a robotics and mechatronics but as it was 20 years ago it was more directed and run by the mech eng department and I guess aimed at industrial robotics and clever electronics was only practiced by very serious companies with big budgets and even then their level of smarts is likely beaten by todays smart phone. So lets assume my level of knowledge may save my life by not handling live wires but really not much more than than that I know what some components are called but not newest versions or settings and wiring diagrams and steping up and stepping down voltages I know have to be done but beyond me. So I hope that baselines me for everyone, noob factor medium (I may live through this), concept idea's high, implementation low.

So the projects Im interested that affect what I need to know/do now are:: :idea: :idea:

I dont like the lack of variety of machines available for the infirm to get around in public, I can't walk great distances and body wide Rheumatism, Other Arthritis and 20 years of Neuralgia mean I cant use upper body assistance on this so it cant be a standing device and cant be a complete able bodied single wheel balancing platform either. In fact I have designed a concept that goes on 3 wheels mostly and two if required within the shoulder width footprint of a person. Some designs maybe out there but I am looking for functions like traversing slopes in an upright position and some other features that may be standard on speed and control (so an upright leaning pendulum robotic controlled last mile style vehicle in techspeak) So this may be a bike size battery and controller set-up.

The more ambitious project is a leaning motorcycle that people may be familiar in seeing about and although in the first instance I just want to put the microprocessor controlled leaning front end on existing motorcycles as a conversion and then later probably make an electric ground up build or convert a existing bike again.

These projects may involve scale models to save on development models so I have some smaller batteries I have already bought.

An auction site had some batteries for sale cheap but apparently they had a bad reputation for running out or not taking very many recharges and that can be OK for modelling if they are cheap enough
So they are these Batteries by Dewalt ... ack/dc9071

But then i was able to pick up some other batteries on the cheap as well and if these batteries are any good some of these batteries are still available
So these batteries are by Black and Decker if these are any good I can buy them at the moment at about $30 per 5 units not just the single like this ebay post. ... 2097389333

So I possibly have enough to run some prototyping and if not I'll maybe convert them into RC car batteries and start over if I must.

But those are the projects. Being the User Requirements Manager is something I used to do professionally for software and some infrastructure before I left work at 30 to do robotics again so Im thinking of doing a requirements document but I really dont want it getting round in that format until I had at least examined patent options as a few people are after this cherry with the leaning bike and I have up to 4 major functions at the moment that may be able to go up for patent. I dont know how many on the personal transport but I imagine one or two.

So if anyone is building units like the last mile transporter or is working with a level of industrial control you might imagine the bike to need in terms of its Newtons of forces Id sure be glad to speak to anyone in that regard!

Either of which was successful enough Id like to try and raise funds to commercialise so iterations of development and new models.

Thanks anyone who has taken the time to read.

Gavin :D :D

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Re: Noob, so noob post, sorry (moved from battery section)

Post by LockH » May 11 2017 7:20pm

Hi G (from the other colonies, Canada. My home town Victoria. That lady sure got around...) My "problem"? Lost my sense of balance. So I went trike... and recumbent. Any pics for your thoughts for your vehicle please?

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Re: Noob, so noob post, sorry (moved from battery section)

Post by SpeKterDesigns » May 12 2017 1:23pm

Gday fellow son of Victoria (although I was born in NSW)

The issue you face in loss of balance requires a few adaptions ( ongoing iterative models) as in there will be several levels of seats and several modes and delivery of inputs from people of different abilities if it is able to manage that but the first wheels I have in mind is for people who may not have lost functions but are kept from participating in events just by being weakened from auto-immune issues like arthritis or issues causing Neuralgia from the regular range of human movement as in walking distances, standing periods maybe an ability to carry light objects with the person as well.

So far the user functions I have more worked on are the movement ones for my own level of mobility, as I said, I need something for myself firstly to get around. I also want the first edition to have a level of mobility freedom and fun that even able bodied users would want to use is important in the money making scheme of things and general integration back into society of people as similar or same looking vehicles being used by able bodied and disabled people puts them both on the same level.

Then I could learn things about that and develop new functions, like the ability to be at standing height for a period of time. Do the currently released chairs with rise to standing position I think mainly aimed at Paraplegia sufferers wok well for them as intended? Do they by co-incidence suit other people by consequence? There is also the re-release of the quad wheel seat rising too two wheel on top of two bottom wheels and chair above that. Is that a good unit and for whom? If both of those units are good in those units how do I progress my unit if at all if these units are meeting markets?

But I see it likely to have at least several units of chair to choose from and different types of input versions that do the level of articulation required just to get around the regular ambulatory world.

The first unit is likely to be physically minimalist I reckon the bean bag version at a party or a banana lounge version at holiday resorts would be crackin but possibly not so practical!! :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Have a good day/weekend my friend!

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Re: Noob, so noob post, sorry (moved from battery section)

Post by The fingers » Jul 22 2017 9:21am

I am fortunate to have my loss of balance issue go away two years after being beaten and stabbed in the head. My ears finally stopped popping and I was able to ditch the cane and stool I needed to work, most of the shakiness and instability are gone. :)
A four-wheeled folding kick scooter conversion with a seat might be a light weight solution. :wink:
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