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ebikling motors

Posted: Jun 28 2017 7:23am
by charles jonas
who make the dd and geared motors that ebikeling sell. i have ask them and they will not tell me.

Re: ebikling motors

Posted: Jun 29 2017 5:31am
by dogman dan
No telling which of the many thousand motor manufacturers they use for supply. Does it really matter? Designs are copied so freely there, that you can sometimes take parts of one brand motor and bolt them on another.

All that really matters is whether the quality of the motor and components is good enough, for them to offer a decent warranty. One month, that sort of tells you one level of quality, one year another.

Re: ebikling motors

Posted: Jul 22 2017 8:04pm
by Urbanator
Some comments about ebikeling's kits-
In Sept 2015 I brought my second ebike kit. I chose a kit from ebikeling - a company in Illinois,USA and my experience was that their products and support are ... OK - not bad but not stellar. Details:

I wanted a generic 500W 36V geared rear hub motor kit. The good: I was able to request and was sent a faster wind on a 700C rim because there's no hills where I live and I just wanted a higher top speed rather than torque. It was great to be able to communicate with a local company (I also live in Illinois)
The kit quality was ... OK and fair for the price (~ $200 including P&P). The good: the bike was used most days for 2 years in Illinois weather which varies from below freezing to 100% humidity and 100F / 40 Celsius.
The not-so-good: Tt needed some TLC: Upon arrival the spokes were dangerously loose and I was also unimpressed with the cheapo quality of the sensor wire connector - which led to some poor electrical misconnections until I messed with and/or changed the connectors.

The bad: After two years of beatings from the numerous and deep Illinois pot holes the aluminum rim hardened and became unsafe : Hairline cracks developed in the rim (for example by the hole for the inner tube inflation point). Maybe if the kit had included a better quality rim (plus more rear suspension, and better roads?) would have lasted longer? Still at $200 plus a bit of tinkering I'm not complaining - I enjoyed zooming around 24 MPH (no pedalling) -30MPH (with pedalling) for two years.

I was also unable to determine the brand of the geared motor and kit they sent.

Unfortunately, just after re-lacing the motor in a new wheel the bike was stolen :-( so I cant comment on the longevity on the rest of the kit. Would I buy from them again? Maybe. For my generic (low power needs) I certainly preferred working with a local seller rather than a remote distributor but there are many more USA-based good-quality sellers now. Also my experience is from 2015 so I would also check for 2017 comments on this forum too.

Re: ebikling motors

Posted: Jul 25 2017 9:33pm
by Kneelb4ZOD
A company like ebikeling will never disclose their suppliers, that's probably the most secret/valuable information they have. For their type of business, one of the hardest parts is finding a reliable supplier at a lower cost than competitors. Giving away that information takes away their competitive advantage, allowing competitors and possibly even customers to go directly to their suppliers. It would also make it easier to comparison shop, which devalues their brand which they've probably invested a good amount building. There are a lot of identical, or nearly identical motors on the market, but it's difficult to know with absolute certainty which is the same build and quality - and I'm sure ebikeling would like to keep it that way.