Can I Swap These Wires Going to Throttle?

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Can I Swap These Wires Going to Throttle?

Post by st4rgut » Nov 15 2017 2:43am

Hi! I'm about to buy a replacement motor controller for my eZip Trailz electric bicycle, and am looking for advice on whether this cheap replacement would work. ... SwBwBZkz9R There is one connection that does not match up with my old motor controller and that one connects with the throttle. Instead of the 2-wires connecting from the controller to the green wire coming from the throttle, the one on ebay has 3 wires (signal, positive and negative). I'm not sure whether the throttle would work with this interface. Here's the wiring diagram for my old controller. As you can see 2 wires (brown/yellow) connect to a green wire from throttle. Would love to hear your thoughts ! 8)

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Re: Can I Swap These Wires Going to Throttle?

Post by fechter » Nov 15 2017 9:35am

It looks like the throttle also contains the on/off switch and a battery level indicator LED. Your replacement controller probably won't work with the on/off button and you would need to add a switch or key somewhere to turn it on/off.
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