Front Suspension Issues

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Front Suspension Issues

Post by adamsavage79 » Dec 22 2017 7:18pm

I've noticed every sense I put on the Manitou SX-R 01 shocks I picked up on Kijii, they have been problematic. I find they don't like the cold, and when I stop, they stick.. I have to put some weight on the shocks and do a little bounce up and down, to loosen them up. Then, I find they are too soft. I can't seem to ajust them just right.. When I go over a speed bump or anything larger than a crack in the road, it feels like they are bottoming out on me. I feel this jaring sensention in them. I've checked my wheel, and it's on good and tight so it's not that. I might open them up and see I can see anything that is obvious that could be wrong with them.

Thoughts ?

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Re: Front Suspension Issues

Post by motomech » Dec 22 2017 7:30pm

Well, they are $50 forks.
But on the other hand, they are well reviewed @ MTBR.
Lot's of set-up and maintenance tips here; ... 20crx.aspx

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