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Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jan 03 2018 1:57pm
by sanfox
I want to tune sevcon gen 4 size 4 controller to use with little induction motor.
I built experimental platform for it.
Testing platform.JPG
Testing platform.JPG (123.07 KiB) Viewed 1170 times
So connection between dvt through ixxat cable works good.
Also I have SCWizard but this program don't want connecting to controller.
SCWizard.JPG (76.75 KiB) Viewed 1170 times

Do anybody use this program?

Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jan 03 2018 2:23pm
by fechter
I haven't used that exact software before, but most programs are similar.

How does the controller connect to the PC? Is it a serial connection or USB? You may need to configure the serial port on the PC to work.

Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jan 04 2018 4:10am
by sanfox
Controller connect to computer via IXXAT USB to CAN cable.
If I push "Connect" button without IXXAT cable the program show message:
"No suitable interfaces connected"
When IXXAT cable connect the program show message:
"Access is denied"
Exception occurred:
Message: Access is denied
Type: Ixxat.Vci3.VciException
Stack: в Ixxat.Vci3.Bal.Can.CanControl..ctor(IBalObject* pBalObj, Byte portNumber, Byte
в Ixxat.Vci3.Bal.BalObject.OpenSocket(Byte portNumber, Type socketType)
в CAN.IXXATInterface.start_can_controller(Baudrate baudrate)
в CAN.CANDataLink.open_communications(Baudrate baud_rate)
в CANOpen.CANOpenDevice.open_physical_connection(Baudrate baudrate)
в SCWiz.SCWiz_Operator.connect_to_node(Baudrate baudrate, UInt32 node_id)
в SCWizControl.main_form.connect_button_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
Source: vcinet2
Site: Void .ctor(IBalObject*, Byte, Byte)
SCWizControl, ver
Running in F:\Documents and Settings\SASHA\LocalSettings\Apps\2.0\7BBB4J0K.3K4\GNBCW1WZ.N59\scwi..tion_c86b6a1ab057633a_0001.0000_879a1e1a584085d4\SCWizControl.exe
Also the program veiwed message like this:
mistake.JPG (55.1 KiB) Viewed 1150 times

Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jan 04 2018 10:12am
by fechter
You got me on that one. No idea exactly what that means.

The only thing I would try is messing with the settings for CAN bit rate and CAN open node ID.

Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: May 14 2018 5:08pm
by Biff
I have been working with Sevcons for about 7 years now and have not ever come across that software. I saw in your screen-shot that the copyright notice in there is 2007 - 2010.

I bet that the software has not been used or updated by Sevcon for a very long time and is simply not compatible with the IXXAT drivers any more.

I also suspect it is not used any more for one of two reasons:
1) it didn't work very well and just caused people to think setting up a motor on a sevcon would be easy
2) it worked well enough that people would setup motors without the assistance / approval form Sevcon application engineers.


Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jun 01 2018 7:01am
by sanfox
The main EXE file of this program dated 02.09.2011.
Also the Drive Wizard program dated 24.03.2009 works excellent with the same dongle.
It's very strange!

Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Dec 30 2018 1:26pm
by Volkmar
Dear electric car friends!

I want to run a stripped Zytek IDT 120-55 motor with a Sevcon controller. I have removed the complete original control unit and only want to use the short motor. As motor encoder I installed a SKF sensor bearing, which generates a square wave signal and delivers 64 pulses per revolution. Unfortunately Zytek is not very helpful with the missing motor data. For this reason it is unfortunately not possible for me to make the motor turn.

Now my question is to you:

1.) Has someone perhaps the necessary motor data for programming or

2.) Can someone provide me with SCWizard from Sevcon? In the current DVT version there is no function for Self Configuration anymore.

I would be very grateful for your help.

Best regards