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Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jan 03 2018 1:57pm
by sanfox
I want to tune sevcon gen 4 size 4 controller to use with little induction motor.
I built experimental platform for it.
Testing platform.JPG
Testing platform.JPG (123.07 KiB) Viewed 761 times
So connection between dvt through ixxat cable works good.
Also I have SCWizard but this program don't want connecting to controller.
SCWizard.JPG (76.75 KiB) Viewed 761 times

Do anybody use this program?

Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jan 03 2018 2:23pm
by fechter
I haven't used that exact software before, but most programs are similar.

How does the controller connect to the PC? Is it a serial connection or USB? You may need to configure the serial port on the PC to work.

Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jan 04 2018 4:10am
by sanfox
Controller connect to computer via IXXAT USB to CAN cable.
If I push "Connect" button without IXXAT cable the program show message:
"No suitable interfaces connected"
When IXXAT cable connect the program show message:
"Access is denied"
Exception occurred:
Message: Access is denied
Type: Ixxat.Vci3.VciException
Stack: в Ixxat.Vci3.Bal.Can.CanControl..ctor(IBalObject* pBalObj, Byte portNumber, Byte
в Ixxat.Vci3.Bal.BalObject.OpenSocket(Byte portNumber, Type socketType)
в CAN.IXXATInterface.start_can_controller(Baudrate baudrate)
в CAN.CANDataLink.open_communications(Baudrate baud_rate)
в CANOpen.CANOpenDevice.open_physical_connection(Baudrate baudrate)
в SCWiz.SCWiz_Operator.connect_to_node(Baudrate baudrate, UInt32 node_id)
в SCWizControl.main_form.connect_button_Click(Object sender, EventArgs e)
Source: vcinet2
Site: Void .ctor(IBalObject*, Byte, Byte)
SCWizControl, ver
Running in F:\Documents and Settings\SASHA\LocalSettings\Apps\2.0\7BBB4J0K.3K4\GNBCW1WZ.N59\scwi..tion_c86b6a1ab057633a_0001.0000_879a1e1a584085d4\SCWizControl.exe
Also the program veiwed message like this:
mistake.JPG (55.1 KiB) Viewed 741 times

Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jan 04 2018 10:12am
by fechter
You got me on that one. No idea exactly what that means.

The only thing I would try is messing with the settings for CAN bit rate and CAN open node ID.

Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: May 14 2018 5:08pm
by Biff
I have been working with Sevcons for about 7 years now and have not ever come across that software. I saw in your screen-shot that the copyright notice in there is 2007 - 2010.

I bet that the software has not been used or updated by Sevcon for a very long time and is simply not compatible with the IXXAT drivers any more.

I also suspect it is not used any more for one of two reasons:
1) it didn't work very well and just caused people to think setting up a motor on a sevcon would be easy
2) it worked well enough that people would setup motors without the assistance / approval form Sevcon application engineers.


Re: Sevcon Self Characterisation Wizard

Posted: Jun 01 2018 7:01am
by sanfox
The main EXE file of this program dated 02.09.2011.
Also the Drive Wizard program dated 24.03.2009 works excellent with the same dongle.
It's very strange!