2008 Club Cab Precedent IQ 48V - Golf Cart

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2008 Club Cab Precedent IQ 48V - Golf Cart

Post by markz » Jan 27 2018 11:27pm

Flooded Batteries with 150Ah
Electrolyte separated and water froze - Been sitting all winter very cold weather for weeks!
Got it warmed up, and Electrolyte unfroze, topped up with water. #1 battery I could see the plates with no water!
Took 5-6L or 1.5G for all 4 batteries. #1 batt took the most water. I'd say

now using 4 chargers, typical L.A. chargers.
Canadian Tire Eliminator 6A
Battery Saver 8A
Forget the name 6A
Battery Saver 0.850A which is a float charge I believe.

Got rid of float and eliminator, now doing 28.0V on my Meanwell HRP @ 16A on two L.A.'s
Meanwell fans blowing steady and hard, voltage on psu is 28V and terminals 28V.

Im doing the magnet speed trick on these, cheaper alternative to reprogamming.

From what I gather the controller is a 500A Curtis, I assume any upgrade would be pricy. Thinking Kelly, Sevcon etc!
Thing was slow at 47V, hoping its better at 52V, will check with app gps speed. I gather from searching average speed should be 24mph, or 35kphish.

Oh another thing, first check of voltage, #1 batt was 11.80V, the others 5V, 3V, 1V. I freaked out! Thought they'd died. They are at around 13V now, got the meanwell set to 14Vx2 on 2S lead acid.

Its a 8km trip around cottage, cottage to docks , playground and beach 200m, maybe to other half of cottages is 2km.

Got no clue what a Wh/km would be, 50Vx150A=7500Wh say 75Wh/km, so 10km

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Re: 2008 Club Cab Precedent IQ 48V - Golf Cart

Post by fechter » Jan 28 2018 1:59am

It might take a long time to get the batteries desulphated as much as they are going to. Charge it hard for at least a day and add water if needed. But they might be toast anyway.

Might be a candidate for used Nissan Leaf batteries.
"One test is worth a thousand opinions"

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Re: 2008 Club Cab Precedent IQ 48V - Golf Cart

Post by motomech » Jan 28 2018 6:04am

The IQ carts have 3 speed settings that can only be changed w/ a hand held programer by a Club Car tech. At least that was the deal 4 years ago before I retired.
24 MPH sounds fast even on setting III.
There is a multitude of golf cart websites and forums(THis is not one) and the amount of "hot rod" and customizing parts for those things is only limited by the size of your wallet.
Sounds like your batt.s are on the way out and the revitalizing gizmos and "tricks" won't make any difference.

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'07 GT Idive 4 4.0, Q100C 201 14S LiPoly elifebike 9-FET 20A controller. 23 MPH.

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Re: 2008 Club Cab Precedent IQ 48V - Golf Cart

Post by markz » Jan 28 2018 4:07pm

I was more concerned about batteries, why posted here.

Android App GPS Speed stated 20kph(12.42mph) at full throttle, flat road, compact snow, right off charger.

This morning took the chargers off,
Meanwell HRP set to 27.7V for two batteries at 16A
Then one at 6A
another at 8A

Dropped 1V, took it for a spin for 1.5-2km
Voltage at 12.20-12.50V.
#1 battery was riding a tad high.

Disconnected + and - from controller.
I think the stock charger charges up to whatever the max is 14.4x4 so 57.60V
Shuts off when its full. Never turns back on again when batteries creep down.
Cold weather ensues

Gas golf cart would have been waaaaaay better!

Voltmeter on dash - Four cheap ebay units

Seal up the compartment from large holes, leaving a 3" hole for the 1/4" vent tube

Try for a better seat seal.

Battery heating pads

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