Getting new registration for the plugin Prius

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Getting new registration for the plugin Prius

Post by craneplaneguy » Feb 20 2018 12:15am

Walking up to the counter at my county vehicle registration office, I handed the lady my info from last year. She immediately asked, "is it a plug in?" Yes, I proudly said, "that will be $75.00 extra," she said. Then I asked her what would have happened if I had said no it was a regular Prius. I was told I would have saved 75 bucks. Then I told her I was going to back away from the counter slowly, and leave the building, and re-enter and start over, and let another counter person take care of me. She laughed, and I coughed up the extra dough, I get it, someone has to pay for maintaing the roads, and road tax from the amount of gas I but isn't cutting it. It just seemed a little odd it was on the honor system, I could have lied and gotten away with it, according to her. In the two years I've had my plug in, I have yet to see another in Idaho, I'm sure there are others but not many I guess. 75 bucks would have paid for 1500 miles worth of gas, I'm not complaining and I better get used to it, it's the wave of the future.

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Re: Getting new registration for the plugin Prius

Post by Hillhater » Feb 20 2018 1:09am

Wow !... No chance of such a get out here.
All vehicle information ...make, model, engine size , fuel type, turbo/ non turbo, colour, number of doors, auto/manual, etc etc etc all on the registration docs, and they tell you exactly how much to pay.
But , at least we can do it online , without going to front some petty official !
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Re: Getting new registration for the plugin Prius

Post by amberwolf » Feb 20 2018 2:56pm

This scene comes to mind... ;)

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