Cit-Kar: four-wheeled pedelec

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Cit-Kar: four-wheeled pedelec

Post by LockH » Feb 23 2018 11:28pm

Hehe... ESB "Search found 0 matches: Cit Kar"...


Seen here: Cit-Kar: four-wheeled pedelec with a roof from Berlin: ... of-berlin/

Berlin-based startup Cit-Kar is working on a pedal-assist bike of the same name. It runs on four wheels and that is not the only reminiscence of the car, as the e-bike features weather shelter and heavy load capabilities. Plus, it is more than a concept.

The small company with its two founders is taking their Berlin base seriously as they plan to produce at a site in the belt (Brandenburg) that surrounds the German capital. By mid-2018 they want the first Cit-Kars to roll to clients and say it got selected to take part in a pilot from a “large delivery service.”

Pre-orders stand at 750 units according to the company. For now though, the Cit-Kar is in its third iteration and this latest prototype is about to enter the internal testing phase. It is constructed as a pedelec and boasts a range of 200 kilometres with a load capacity of 300 kilos.
Deutsch sprechen?:

Cit-Kar 2. Prototype in Aktion.
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Re: Cit-Kar: four-wheeled pedelec

Post by amberwolf » Feb 24 2018 2:05am

Too bad it's illegal in a lot of places (bicycle-class stuff frequently being limited to three wheels in contact with the ground, but not meeting car requirements either).

I wonder exactly which places it actually could be legally used on the roads?

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Re: Cit-Kar: four-wheeled pedelec

Post by Raisedeyebrows » Feb 24 2018 2:39am

I'd both laugh and cheer if this thing ended up being the modern VW Beetle, to where you'd have a hard time driving down a street without seeing one. Prius is pretty much like that here.
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Re: Cit-Kar: four-wheeled pedelec

Post by Chalo » Feb 24 2018 2:46am

amberwolf wrote:
Feb 24 2018 2:05am
I wonder exactly which places it actually could be legally used on the roads?
It seems like it might qualify as a voiture sans permis in France.

With mirrors, a horn, and a seat belt, it would meet most US states' criteria for a neighborhood electric vehicle.
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