Ebike towing MTB

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Ebike towing MTB

Post by tigcross » Feb 25 2018 11:38pm

I've long been frustrated by the fact that here in Victoria BC our closest off-road riding area is 20 kilometers out of town. As a result most people drive their cars out with bikes on the back. I came up with a bolt-on attachment for my ebike that that allows me to tow my MTB. It could also fasten onto a regular rear pannier rack of a regular bike. It takes about 3 minutes to hook up my bike.

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Re: Ebike towing MTB

Post by craneplaneguy » Mar 01 2018 10:11am

That looks like a good setup for your situation. A few years ago I made a few multi hundred mile road trips on my '78 Goldwing I bought cheap, with my Montague folder and camping gear carried in and on behind, without a trailer. Transporting a 2 wheeler with another 2 wheeler is just cool.

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