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Re: Taiga TS2 electric snowmobile

Post by macribs » Apr 12 2018 1:19pm

Hm I wouldn't mind a quiet electric snowmobile, however I am unsure if Taiga TS2 is the solution. Frankly I don't think they pack enough batteries to make for a usable ride. A snowmobile unlike a road driven vehicle is already from the get go battling the odds, lots of rolling resistance in the drive train, the belt,track, tracks sprockets, and it will become less or more rolling resistance depending on the snow conditions, snow temperature and elevation of the ride you are taking. If you need to climb, that can easily drain that battery pretty quick, same in deep powder. The losses in the tracks, sprockets and chain. Not to mention, most of us ride snowmobiles first and foremost because we enjoy the riding, we love the acceleration out of corners, riding WOT on flat lakes, ride hard over woops and dips, braking late and hard, and accelerating hard to maximize the excitements while still make the ride livable. To sum it up, for any kind of fun riding I can not see Taiga as a solution. It just ain't got the batteries to get you there and back.

It is a nice proof of concept, and for some it might very well do the trick. I can picture ski resorts could already use em. Keeping them plugged in and topped off until the alarm goes off and the security crew is needed to attend to a broken wrist, or foot, head injury or whatever. They can move around the resort without noise - that might not actually be a pro as the skiers might not spot them as well - but at least the can ride green. If you only ride limited miles, don't fancy going WOT or start/stop at WOT and a fistful of brake you probably could use one already. But you ain't gonna have much fun riding one. At least not for a prolonged period of time.

The next gen batteries, the holy grail of SSD might get us to a point where electric snowmobile is doable. For now, I think a strap on 2 stroke of later years is your weapon of choice for the most fun. Add a turbo if needed. Or get a heavier 4 stroke turbo and double up on the horsepower. Snowmobile is fun, but expensive hobby. To be fun you need to push hard, ride hard and that will cause brake downs, premature ware on parts and early retirement of parts of your sled that moves.

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