more VW /Audi EVs this year

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more VW /Audi EVs this year

Post by Hillhater » Mar 13 2018 6:02pm

VW have stated their plans for the next range of EVs .. ... K2018.html
Specifically, this quote from the text:..
"This year, the eight battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids we already have in our portfolio will be joined by a further nine new models. Three of these will be purely electric powered - along with the first vehicle we are developing in collaboration with JAC. This year's highlight will be rolling off the assembly line at the Brussels plant in the summer."
( That would be the Audi eTron.)....
Also, the CEO confirms it has written battery contracts for under 100 Euro per kWh.
.."" VW buys the battery cells from suppliers, just like it does with so many auto parts. In the past, Volkswagen's main battery cell supplier was Panasonic, but it was shifted in a variety of models to Samsung (OTC:SSNLF) over the last 15 months or more. Now, VW Group has added LG for some models, and soon also CATL for the Chinese market..."
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