A 700w solar powered elf trike and RV trailer

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A 700w solar powered elf trike and RV trailer

Post by ThinkFab » Mar 24 2018 4:30pm

This is a solar trailer I built last year for a friend I met, and talked with at standing rock last winter for no more than 20 minutes. The trailer is similar to what I am concentrating on building this year, but I have much larger plans for this next version.


The main difference between this trailer and the next generation trailer being;
-this trailer is not very aerodynamic, but as we were working with a 3-4 week schedule, aero was not permitted due to time constraints.
-this trailer is larger than what I intend on building this year, due to the fact that it is James' home wherever he travels.
-this trailer does not power its own motor, but rather the motors on the elf (this elf has been fitted with a second motor and 3 batteries).
-this trailer weighs in at just over 100lbs, and the next trailer weight goal will be less than 60lbs.

I should mention the trailer has undergone a revision since the last posting on the website, and now supports an additional 200w of panels, and 3 of those panels now have the ability to tilt up to roughly 65 degrees to catch more sun.
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Re: A 700w solar powered elf trike and RV trailer

Post by Ed Waldrep » May 10 2018 5:25am

Wow, small word it is, I saw this vehicle in Barstow, CA a few weeks ago, I saw it pass by when coming out of a burger joint and caught up to him to inquire about it. He told me the output of the panels and I counted 500 watts worth but he was short on additional details, I guess I was bugging him. Neato.

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