can you disable brake regen on a tft-750c

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can you disable brake regen on a tft-750c

Post by psycotrip » Apr 21 2018 1:06am

i just got a 750c lcd installed on my bike, with a controller from risun motor, with the sine wave controller it was smoother, it makes a bit of noise starting off but goes away quick. just had it up to 40mph its a rocket ship now. my problem is when i engage the brake the rear hub seems to go into regen mode and shakes a bit while slowing down, seems too aggressive i dont wanna kill the hub it engages before the disk brake can even start really working. this seems to be similar to the one from luna cycle but it does not have the 52v (i have 52v battery) option it goes 36 48 60 72. can i change the firmware on it to the one from luna cycle? or disable the regen? usb? update firmware?

the manual i was sent
TFT-750C manual.PDF
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