EV public charging station paid for by MIOTA cryptocurrency

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EV public charging station paid for by MIOTA cryptocurrency

Post by Jebe » Apr 21 2018 9:15pm

A company in the netherlands has implemented a crypto currency based EV charging station !

Test case at the moment but has huge potential. I was talking to a guy from my state government transport department about electric bikes. They are brainstorming ways to get people out of cars and onto either public transport or electric bikes. Even talking about introducing salary sacrificing for some tax benefits to those who will commit to using them for commuting to work. They have discussed putting in public charging stations and then the problem of how to charge for the power. This addresses that concern nicely !

https://medium.com/@harmvandenbrink/how ... 6ed4c4d4d5

Only for cars at the moment and of course we are all running different voltages so how a public charging station would end up looking would need some serious thought.

Exciting times ahead !

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