Hailong 3 Battery Case?

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Hailong 3 Battery Case?

Post by adcockj » Jul 09 2018 6:38pm

I built up a Trek Dual Sport with a BBSHD kit from Luna. As part of the kit, I bought a 48v 13AH Shark battery from them.
Later, I bought a 17AH battery, intending to use it primarily, with the 13AH battery as a spare.
However, the Shark battery from Luna is on a Hailong 1 mount, and the 17AH battery is on a Hailong 3 mount. I have installed the Hailong 3 mount on the bike.

I can use the Shark as a spare by leaving the battery in its mount and running a separate power cable down to the motor. But it would be better if I could just swap the batteries.

Can I buy a Hailong 3 battery case and swap the internals from the Hailong 1 Shark over to the new case? If so, is there a good source for purchasing the Hailong 3 case?

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