Find any interesting charging locations?

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Find any interesting charging locations?

Post by ChargePoint » Sep 13 2018 9:52am

There's a rumor around our office about a charging station spotted in a foresty area in NOCAL. Those who claim to have seen it say it's installed near a random tree - very possibly a DIY install.

I've yet to see a picture of it (pics or it didn't happen :wink: ), which is why it remains a fun rumor for now. It makes me wonder - have any of you come across charging stations in places you never would have expected to see one?
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Re: Find any interesting charging locations?

Post by markz » Sep 17 2018 9:32pm

ChargePoint wrote:
Sep 13 2018 9:52am
It makes me wonder - have any of you come across charging stations in places you never would have expected to see one?
I never expected one at a public school in their parking lot. It was finished a two years ago. It requires a pass card to operate it.

Train station 120V outlets were unexpected.

What is a bummer is a community center I ride by which is halfway home in a nice park setting has a 120V outlet but its not powered. Sometimes I run outta juice there, so I have to sit on my bike and roll go back 1km, or try to limp it up the hill about 1/2km to the school parking lot and grab a little juice from the parking lot stall 120V outlets (for winter climates for the engine block heater for all you warm blooded no snow no cold folks) 5 minutes of juice to get home.

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Re: Find any interesting charging locations?

Post by zzoing » Nov 14 2018 3:55pm

Haha, sounds good. I have recharged an ebike on a laundrette building at a supermarket car park, on some bare wires in a carbdoard compressor beside a supermarket, at a plug on the front of a small fire station building, another on the side of the tourist office, at a plug beside a door of a storage rental building. mostly I just drove my car beside the building and placed a wire out of the window at about 11P.M. and then moved my car away at 4-5. All in august travels. France haha. helps to be local.

Funny incidents were when I went to pick up the bike at the cardboard compressor, there was a bizarre slum guy with lots of hoodies and a push bike, he was taking a huge flat panel TV out of the supermarket dustbin and tying it onto his handlebars and walkign away really awkwardly. spanish guy. I just had to say hi to him to see if he had clocked my bike which was under a cardboard and semi locked. ... another time, I was at a hotel at the Pont du Gard, vacant and undergoing works, with a light on and a plug on the side... the police pulled up at 4 am and I explained to them i was just charging my ebike and had put 1 euro in the post box, and they laughed and said "I built myself a missile" "how fast does it go?" :D that was pretty friendly.

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