cycle analist pas settings

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cycle analist pas settings

Post by ugo » Sep 21 2018 12:46pm

hello I having some difficulty for the configuration of the pas on my ebike i just purchased a "pas_24" from grin tech.
it works. with a good response as soon i start pedaling and stop but the bike goes to the maximun speed and even if i go very slow with the pedaling frequency it keep the maximum speed. in other words as soon the pas detect pedaling it give to max power i couldn't find the way to set it in a way to have a proportional speed.
I'm been trying to change all the parameters without success, please can you tel me what I'm douing wrong?

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Re: cycle analist pas settings

Post by Killer-B » Sep 24 2018 10:31pm

what settings habe you changed, you need the pole count to be right and your whatts set to shat you like , maybe 200wthen it should be less agressive, If you add the aux swith it makes changing assit levels on the fly so easy.
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