1890 E-Trike patent

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1890 E-Trike patent

Post by spinningmagnets » Nov 06 2018 7:23pm

"The Electrical World"

Volume XVI,

July 5 to Dec 27, 1890

No 19, Nov 8th, 1890, page 344,

Robert J. Fleischer

patent 439,395

six cells in series, if lead-acid, would be 12V
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A bonus pic, 1884 Riker
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Re: 1890 E-Trike patent

Post by neptronix » Nov 06 2018 7:59pm

Wow, they even had the sense to put the two wheels in the right place.

Good thing that patent isn't valid anymore..
Efficiency is everything :bolt:

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Re: 1890 E-Trike patent

Post by classicalgas » Nov 25 2018 1:59pm

"Wow, they even had the sense to put the two wheels in the right place."...not only that, they'd figured out that a short wheelbase reduced the likelihood of tip over. Good thing, considering how high the center of gravity looks to be on that rig.

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