Regen braking edge case - pusher trailer, mountain range

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Regen braking edge case - pusher trailer, mountain range

Post by Yahshoor » Nov 20 2018 2:53pm

I am currently working on the first version of a camping pusher-trailer, which will at first only be used for a flatland commute. It's a two-wheel cargo/kid-hauling trailer. (Currently specced to haul not more than three hundred pounds of kid, top speed of no more than fifteen miles an hour.) Eventually, I'd like to use it to go over the Coast Range from Portland to the beach. That seems like an obvious case for regen braking, to me. I've read the regen-related threads around here and understand that there's not much to be gained from regen on a typical urban flatland commute, or even a non-Seattle/SF hilly commute.

But as someone who has already ridden over the Coast Range numerous times, I think of all that signage that reads "Thus-and-so mountain, elevation of umpty-ump thousand feet" and all of the extended 35-mph coasts down those mountains, the melted brake pads, and so on. Seems like an obvious case for regenerative braking to me.

I can't be the first person who has contemplated a pusher-trailer with regenerative braking. All of my ideas strike me as kind of outlandish. E.g. I could have one wheel be the drive-wheel, and the other could be the regen-wheel. Or I could build a jackshaft with a freewheel. Or I could get a more competent metalworker than myself to implement that clever Sturmey-Archer fixed/free hack ( and shift to fixed wheel drive for regen. But all of these ideas strike me as the kind of implausible ideas that I get when I am totally clueless.

Can anyone out there post some links to other pusher-trailer projects with regenerative braking?

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Re: Regen braking edge case - pusher trailer, mountain range

Post by fechter » Nov 20 2018 3:10pm

There's a few out there.

One I remember used a Bob trailer with a direct drive hub motor. Any DD hub motor can do regen with the right controller.
Here's one, but there are more

More ideas here: ... ide-video/
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Re: Regen braking edge case - pusher trailer, mountain range

Post by ecat » Mar 17 2019 8:58am

I built a cargo trailer with regen, it works great.
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