wanted: UK based battery builder

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nonlineartom   1 kW

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wanted: UK based battery builder

Post by nonlineartom » Jun 20 2019 1:44pm

looking for someone UK based to build a 48v, 15ah(ish) custom 18650 pack for use with a Bafang BBS02 750W kit.

Frame is an odd shape so the usual shark packs don't quite fit. max dims are 112mm x 127mm x 140mm. Guessing 30Q cells would be best but open to suggestion. Doesn't need a hard case as it's going in a steel box with the internal dimensions listed above. There is extra room on one long edge for BMS and cabling about 15mm max.

Hope someones interested
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Re: wanted: UK based battery builder

Post by Merlin » Jun 20 2019 1:53pm

why didnt go with one of the well known battery suppliers...a downtube battery is the way to go.
all rear rack, handlebar package things work at the beginning but suck over time.

there are nice 52v17Ah packs to buy (Sanyo GA cells incl BMS)

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