Wanted TSDZ2 reprogrammed controller 48v 52v

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Biggsy   10 mW

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Wanted TSDZ2 reprogrammed controller 48v 52v

Post by Biggsy » Sep 03 2019 3:24am

I've failed over and over to flash the opensource firmware on my TSDZ2 and Iam ready to put it in the bin (to get back at it for all the time it stole from me.)

Ive got a EM3EV 52v battery so I can't use the motor at all. When I did use it briefly on a friends 48v battery the ridiculously low cadence that it wanted was too annoying to ride.

Anyway, I know the software was developed free and I am happy to make a donation to the developer, but I just need a controller ready to go so that I can ride the bike again.

I did (as far as I can tell) manage to reprogram the KTlcd3 display.

Happy to pay all costs incured, including postage to France.

Hoping somebody has the skills and time to help


Aquakitty   100 W

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Re: Wanted TSDZ2 reprogrammed controller 48v 52v

Post by Aquakitty » Sep 07 2019 1:35pm

Rans Enduro Sport w/Sturmey-Archer XFRD8, TSDZ2 open source mod 48v
GT Verb Comp f/s TSDZ2 open source 48v
Diadora Ampio bargain f/s TSDZ2 48v
2020 Diamant 247 belt drive 1000w 9C 48v
Hardtail made from random bits I had laying around, ginormous old Marzocchi fork, BBS02

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