A2b Battery

Looking for something? Need a special part, but can't find it online anywhere? Post what you need, maybe others will have it to sell.
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A2b Battery

Post by tacameron » Jan 11 2020 11:52pm

I own a 08 A2b Ultramotor and im hunting a good condition or rebuilt banana battery and/or the rear battery... I have both of these batteries for cores if that will be needed let me know what you got thanks

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Re: A2b Battery

Post by boisrondevens » Jan 20 2020 12:20pm

what's your location?

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Re: A2b Battery

Post by Hillhater » Jan 20 2020 8:47pm

This forum owes its existence to Justin of ebikes.ca

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Re: A2b Battery

Post by HWolfe58 » Mar 17 2021 1:34pm

I have an auxillary battery for an A2B for sale. Used in good condition. Please contact me if interested.

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Re: A2b Battery

Post by fechter » Mar 17 2021 2:03pm

Here's one that came up in another thread recently:

https://www.ebay.com/itm/A2B-Metro-and- ... Sw9jNgTviQ

Can't vouch for quality. It could be toast.
"One test is worth a thousand opinions"

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