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Yasa/Makani controller

Posted: Oct 28 2020 9:28pm
by vanhoivanbinh
Hello @axialflux Can we buy YASA motor from your friend? please let me know how to follow up the purchase
Thank you
axialflux wrote:
Sep 18 2020 12:37pm
SRFirefox: The Makani SiC half bridges are 1700V, not 1200V. I was originally very keen to try an Axiom control board with the Makani power stage. And then Arlin told me the expected price of an Axiom would be $6500 (!). For that price I can buy a Rinehart, a Sevcon Gen 4 Size 10, or any other controller. And a TI LAUNCHXL-F280049C is $30, and does pretty much everything the Axiom does except for some optoisolation. Most of it on chip. So thanks but no thanks on the Axiom. IMHO, motors should be driven with realtime control system hardware, not a zillion interrupts on a general purpose micro. But what do I know?

Yes, on the Makani Yasas, the entire CNC aluminum case spins (i.e. outrunner). There is a splined hole in the center and plenty of places to bolt to the spinning cases as was done for the Makani dyno coupling. Transmission? Not needed: 3250 rpm on a 16" tire is 100 mph, enough for me. I am planning to run 2 of these where a differential would be, each driving an IRS half shaft. Should be fast enough that stacking is not needed.

Re: Yasa/Makani controller teardown

Posted: Nov 10 2020 9:16pm
by axialflux
Hey @vanhoivanbinh, you can mail me and we can talk about this. We might have a spare Yasa motor. Best email for this would be my handle here, followed by ""

Re: Yasa/Makani controller teardown

Posted: Jan 13 2021 5:57pm
by GuyK
Yasa Motors and the controller are available for sales?

Re: Yasa/Makani controller teardown

Posted: Jan 13 2021 6:06pm
by GuyK
Do you have additional motors and investors for sales?

Re: Yasa/Makani controller

Posted: Jan 13 2021 10:04pm
by GuyK
Hi @axialflux,
Do you have Yasa motors for sales?