WTB High capacity Sur-ron battery in Europe.

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WTB High capacity Sur-ron battery in Europe.

Post by Cheburator » Jan 26 2021 6:47am

Looking to buy high capacity battery for Sur-Ron. Want to get as much range as possible, will upgrade to Nucular controller soon, so battery can have non-standart voltage. Need it shipped to EU.

Have found 2 options so far.

1. 16s 3.72Kwh// 150A continue // 250A Peak from zemso.eu (2235€ + 20€ shipping)
+ very high capacity
+ cheap shipping and no customs fees
- short life span (Samsung 35E cells)
- low power
- slow charge

2. 52ah60v 18kw from surronshop.com (1700$ + 700$ + customs)
https://ru.surronshop.com/stranica-tova ... on-battery
+ long life span (LG NMC pouch cells)
+ high power
+ quick charge
- can get pricy with all customs fees
- capacity about 3Kwh

Any other options I should consider?
Have I made any mistakes evaluating these two options?
Looking for your opinions.

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