Ebike parts in upstate NY

Looking for something? Need a special part, but can't find it online anywhere? Post what you need, maybe others will have it to sell.
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Ebike parts in upstate NY

Post by blackmer » Feb 22 2021 12:50pm

I’m new here and just getting started looking into ebikes. Unfortunately I don’t even have a regular bike.. So, I’m looking for everything can find as reasonably priced as possible as close to home(upstate NY) as possible. Thanks.

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Re: Ebike parts in upstate NY

Post by LeftieBiker » Feb 22 2021 1:48pm

If you are interested in Old Tech, I can set you up with several EZIP Trailz bikes, with spare parts and tires, and battery cases, for virtually nothing. I've moved on from them, but they are good, tough bikes that can climb hills that cheap hubmotors can't manage. I live in the Saratoga Springs area, between there and Troy. PM me or post here if you are interested.
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Re: Ebike parts in upstate NY

Post by markz » Feb 22 2021 8:08pm

Community bicycle stores may have some ebike stuff. I bought a BMC v1 hub motor with broken geares for $20 from a community bicycle store. Its also a great place to get cheap used bicycle parts and cheap used bicycles to build your ebike.

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