A2b rear battery lock

Looking for something? Need a special part, but can't find it online anywhere? Post what you need, maybe others will have it to sell.
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A2b rear battery lock

Post by tacameron » Mar 11 2021 12:31am

I have a old 2008 A2B Ultra motor (metro before they named it) I need the rear battery lock,key and fancy piece that goes on the back to hold the rear battery in place. Thanks for you help

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Re: A2b rear battery lock

Post by E-Glider » Mar 11 2021 4:52am

If it's any help, my rear battery case lock was damaged and I found a suitable replacement, with keys etc in a standard 'big box' hardware store!

Something like this:
https://www.bunnings.com.au/prestige-23 ... lsrc=aw.ds

You may have to 'tweak' the striker.

- You mean the sliding black plastic frame-end cover & retaining pin?
Hopefully someone here will have a spare for you anyway.


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