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Want to Buy: Eltek Flatpack2 HE

Posted: Jan 13 2022 12:30pm
by Amperry417
Hey Guys,

Looking to purchase an Eltek Flatpack2 HE power supply. Can be the 48V 2000w or 3000w. I can only use the 100v-240v version (110v AC grid power), so the 240v only version will not do. The version I'm looking for typically has the black face plate, not silver, and reads "Flatpack2 48v/2000w HE" or " Flatpack2 48v/3000w HE"

I live in the USA, so preferably a US seller since shipping costs from EU will probably not make sense.

Please let me know if anyone happens to have one available for sale. Would be much appreciated :)

Thank You