Geared hub parts (stator and rotor, used/new/burnt)

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Geared hub parts (stator and rotor, used/new/burnt)

Post by MexicanElmo » Feb 09 2018 1:56am

Hello Guys,

I'm looking for a cheap alternative to a brand new 1000W bafang/BMC/MAC geared hub motor, and I only need the rotor + stator + axle, something like this:

Do any of you have any 750 or 1000W geared hub motor laying around? it doesn't matter if it doesn't work, I'll rewind it or replace sensors if neccesary.

Don't like cycling as a sport, but bikes are awesome machines. I love effiency and I want to make a living out of making this world a bit more efficient. I hate waste, of all kinds, time, heat, food, space and so on. Hi from Mexico!

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