BMS without cell monitoring

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DVDRW   100 W

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BMS without cell monitoring

Post by DVDRW » Mar 10 2018 12:15am

Is there any compact BMS that does not have cell level monitoring? Need only monitoring entire pack voltage and LVC/HVC protection.
Quality new 18650 never get out of balance (over 2 years already). Cheap cell level BMS-es tends to be Battery Murdering System.
If cells not connected it cant be bad for battery.
I expect it to be same price or cheaper than cheapest cell level BMS-es.
Im running not programmable 250W 36v ebike controller @48v so no LVC by controller

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amberwolf   100 GW

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Re: BMS without cell monitoring

Post by amberwolf » Mar 10 2018 3:36am

Some thoughts:

From what I can tell, many (maybe most) of the BMS that do have cell level monitoring don't actually check if there's cells connected or not--if the voltage of a cell is low enough, or a sense wire is broken off a cell group, it doesn't trigger the BMS (poor design).

If one of those BMS also has a whole-pack HVC/LVC (many probably don't), you could use it as a pack-only BMS, never connecting the sense wires.

I don't have any lists of which ones do which functions, though. :(

If you're running a Cycle Analyst, you can set it's LVC to decrease throttle (or disable it) below the LVC point. It doesn't have an HVC, though. :/

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