Hammerschmidt overdrive dissasembly tool

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Hammerschmidt overdrive dissasembly tool

Post by Bbeforeart » May 18 2018 2:01pm


Lately, my Hammerschmidt gearbox was skipping its pawls within the overdrive part under high torque provided by my own legs. This led to the need for a replacement. Unfortunately, I realized that the overdrive part is not easy to open up without the recommended Hammerschmidt overdrive tool.

Once I looked up the tool and its price afterwards, it was not even close to interesting for replacing the pawls. The cheapest one I could find was still priced for $130, which is absurd to replace $8 worth of pawls.

Replacing the whole overdrive part is even more disappointing: around $300 for a new overdrive.

My recall is as follows: does anyone have this tool for sale, or is it possible that I borrow it (if shipping is necessary, I will cover all costs in both cases)

It would be awesome if someone could help me out :)



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