BMS24 and 1500w charger Chargery London ON area

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BMS24 and 1500w charger Chargery London ON area

Post by bobmutch » Jul 05 2018 8:25pm

Do you got BMS24 and 1500w charger Chargery and not using it, in London ON area.

Or a good lithium charger that can be set to charge lithium battery packs from 24 to 96V and will work with all different Li-ion chemistry voltages.
my ride 48v11Ah Motorino LTi, So far bought a Big Dual Suspension Frame/shock, Kelly KLS7240S, 72v35Ah Headway 40152S, OliveLeaf 8S-24S BT miniScreen BMS, CA3-HC. I'm here to learn.

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