2008? Zero Wheel (rim laced to hub)

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2008? Zero Wheel (rim laced to hub)

Post by methods » Aug 26 2018 4:00pm

I have on my KMX trike a rim
I think it came from a 2008 Zero... so that would be a 17" motorcycle rim?

I used to adapt (lace) all bike rims to the special KMX hub... which takes a funny shaft size... but that got old.

I had an adapter machined with the ID of the KMX shaft and the OD to fit this particular wheel (laced to a hub)
Cant remember the dimensions

Long story... I taco'ed another cheap bike rim on the KMX doing 2-wheel-motion.
I need either a pair of heavy duty 20" bike wheels... Which can probably be on a 20mm Axle...

Or... I guess just rims that I could re-lace into KMX hub (sigh)

Or ---

I dont know.

All I know is that my KMX goes real fast
I ride it on 2 wheels
And I dont want to taco into traffic

Whatever you have that will work.
I can provide measurements and details if required
Located in Santa Cruz CA

I ask...
Because I know that there are container loads of this shit sitting around in peoples garages.
These are the old parts from when Zero's were over-blown mountain bikes

I gave all my bike tools to the "Bike Church" here in Santa Cruz - including my spoke threader.

The Bike Church is sort of like a used bike shop
You can buy used gear
You can take your busted bike there and work on it using their tools
They have anywhere from total professional bike shop folks, to semi skilled bike shop folks, on staff to help

It costs $5 donation
Which you can work off if you dont have it

To basically take your broken bike and turn it into a working bike

They have all of the amenities of a professional bike shop
Just for free
And... you get to learn how to do it yourself.

So obviously I gave them my tools for others to use... as opposed to letting them rot in my garage

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Re: 2008? Zero Wheel (rim laced to hub)

Post by amberwolf » Aug 27 2018 3:20am

methods wrote:
Aug 26 2018 4:00pm
I have on my KMX trike a rim
I think it came from a 2008 Zero... so that would be a 17" motorcycle rim?
If they're the same as the ones Ypedal was selling, then they're what I have on SB Cruiser (and wish I had more of). If so, they're 16" MC/Moped, or 20" bicycle. I'm using 16"x2.5" Shinkos on them (but they're not a perfect fit; the bead doesn't sit quite equally all the way around, so I think they are really 20" heavy-duty bicycle rims rather than 16" MC/Moped rims.

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