(Toronto) Need ebike help, regen braking issue

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(Toronto) Need ebike help, regen braking issue

Post by peaceful sojourner » Dec 21 2018 5:45pm

Greeting, James here. I need help with a custom electric bike I have here, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am hoping there is someone who frequents this forum here, who can help me with a regen braking issue. Any help will help; otherwise I am going through bb7 brakepads every month.

I thank you


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Re: (Toronto) Need ebike help, regen braking issue

Post by amberwolf » Dec 21 2018 11:38pm

Without knowing all the details about the bike, and the specific problem you are having, we can't really help much, other than to say taht there are a number of potential problems.

It could be:

--brake activation device (switch, etc)

--battery's BMS

--controller design

--controller wiring

--controller setup

--controller programming

--motor type

or other things, depending on exactly what you have and how it is setup.

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Re: (Toronto) Need ebike help, regen braking issue

Post by x.l.r.8 » Dec 22 2018 10:31am

What controller are you using, some of the cheaper items simply do not have regen (from experience very frustrating). Do you have a brake light or some type of activation for an input for the regeneration.
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