Now Hiring - EV Engineers Needed - Bay Area

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Now Hiring - EV Engineers Needed - Bay Area

Post by methods » Jan 02 2019 12:06pm

I am actively recruiting right now.

By actively... I mean right here, right now, get you an interview and an offer.


If you are coming from someplace like Tesla... I can guarantee you an interview and priority. I value Tesla Engineers over Apple, Google, or anywhere else. Tesla has, over the last decade, grappled with the toughest problems we currently face.

If you are coming out of the dark. . . I can help you get some visibility. All you need to show is some passion.

ChargePoint in Campbell

Dont worry too much about the job postings. I am of the opinion that we will make a position for the right applicant. Those posting are just an opener.

Here are some thoughts on landing a big tek job: ... obs-in-ev/

I have landed many and I can hold your hand a bit if required.

Here are open opportunities for other hiring managers that you can interview for this week on my recommendation.

This is not a popularity contest or a good ol' boys club. We seek raw engineering muscle so... skills first, personality second.

I PERSONALLY place priority on under-represented applicants... so Female, Disabled, Veteran, etc... because I believe that a diverse workplace results in better quality output.

... Dont be shy

I bite :mrgreen:

But what we are talking about here is you becoming part of the pack. One of my jobs is nipping at other dogs who make you feel uncomfortable. I support a healthy work environment and I work daily to ensure this. If you come to work at ChargePoint you will:

* Have opportunities for advancement
* Not be discriminated against for any reason
* Will have the right tools for the job
* Will have a voice and will be listened to

... So....

I am currently on travel in Washington until the 8th of January. After that, it is back to the grind for me... so ... if you call you will probably hear something like this:


If you call sooner than later... it will be more like

"Hey man... this is methods. I am out in the woods right now. What are you up to? Oh yea? You looking for work? Ok... shoot me the following bits of information and we can move forward"

Think about it.

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