Need any kind of Bafang LCD

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avoleoo   10 W

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Need any kind of Bafang LCD

Post by avoleoo » Jan 05 2019 4:18pm

Hi, I have a couple of Bafang 8FUN controllers that I want to test and I need the LCD. Maybe someone has it...

The plug has to be higo green color female.


Vmw1982   100 mW

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Re: Need any kind of Bafang LCD

Post by Vmw1982 » Jan 29 2019 11:26am

Did you find one. Any lcd will work. It’s gettkng the right wires. To match up.

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amberwolf   100 GW

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Re: Need any kind of Bafang LCD

Post by amberwolf » Jan 30 2019 8:07pm

"Any" LCD will *not* work.

Perhaps any *Bafang* LCD might work (wouldn't guarantee that, either), but there are lots of LCD units that are incompatible, using different communication protocols, etc.

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neptronix   100 GW

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Re: Need any kind of Bafang LCD

Post by neptronix » Jan 30 2019 8:30pm

If it's for a bbs02, i have a lunacycle one lying around here, as well as a matching throttle, brake set, and even a controller from a bbs02 that had multiple mechanical failures.

If it's some bafang geared motor then it probably won't work.
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